For surround mastering, the front three speakers are not free-standing. They’re soffit-mounted. But the soffit is not the full height of the room. We came up with this half-wall. It really works because the room feels large and the speakers are really allowed to do what they do.

Doug Sax

Founder, The Mastering Lab

The Mastering Lab is equipped with a customized ATC SCM150A 5.1-channel monitor system. The surround mastering setup comprises of five ATC SCM150A loudspeakers and an ATC 15-inch subwoofer installed in the front wall.

In 2005, The Mastering Lab received major surround mastering accolades winning the first ever Grammy award for the Best Surround Sound Album category for Ray Charles’ “Genius Loves Company”, mastered by Doug Sax and Robert Hadley‘s  in Ojai, CA.

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