We invite aspiring engineers, producers & musicians to experience firsthand
the award-winning Mastering Lab sound.


On December 27, 1967, Doug Sax opened the doors to The Mastering Lab, founding the first independent mastering facility in the world, as well as the most recognizable name in audiophile-quality mastering. For decades, The Mastering Lab has remained a revolutionary state-of-the-art facility, mastering for numerous award-winning records and remaining the first choice for top engineers and producers in the industry.

For the first time, we are offering to young members of the music industry the opportunity to have their music mastered by The Mastering Lab. All in an exclusive student-friendly rate.

In addition, we are offering the chance to get your music featured on the Mastering Lab website. Visit the FAQs section to know more.

As we are on our trial run, we are temporarily limiting the discount to the Berklee College of Music campus. Expect us to expand soon!


The Mastering Lab | student discount FAQs

How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • You must be enrolled in an academic program OR have recently graduated no more than 6 months prior to booking a mastering session
  • You must provide the following as proof of enrollment:
    • A copy of your student ID
    • A copy of your current or most recent transcript (if you’ve graduated)
    • We might request for an alternate proof of enrollment (e.g. Enrollment Verification Form from your school’s registrar’s office)

Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can book with the student discount?

Not at all. As long as you’re still enrolled or have graduated no more than 6 months before booking a session with us, there is no limit to the projects you can bring in for mastering.

How do I get featured on the Mastering Lab website?

Down the road, we plan on showcasing music we have mastered in a “TML Before & After” series. We would like our website visitors to hear the Mastering Lab treatment through an online demonstration. If your music gets chosen (with your final written consent), we will preview a 30-second snippet and play back the mix in two versions–with and without mastering. In addition to the snippet, we will feature a brief artist profile and a link for visitors to purchase your EP/album.

The Mastering Lab | student discount | Book a Session
  • For an accurate quote, please include as much detail as possible (e.g. total number of tracks, total program length, which master formats you wish produced and if you are working with a tight deadline). Any questions or concerns? Please feel free to ask away!
  • Drop files here or